Findley Designs would like to thank all of our loyal users for their continued support. After 16 years of success with applications such as iPod Access, iPod Access Photo, Movie Montage, Delete It and iCal FTP we are finally hanging up our coding hat. Even though our software is not compatible with current Mac, Windows or iOS versions, legacy users can use the serial numbers below if misplaced or lost.


Drew Findley
Findley Designs, Inc.


iPod Access v4.1 for Windows

Name: User
Serial: PDM4EWIN001-KDC9-RM27-7B3G-GK7X-BMA1
iPod Access v4.1 for Mac OS X

Name: User
Serial: PDM4EMAC001-6GVH-7H51-0VN3-ST6S-L3Y1
iPod Access Photo v1.9.5 for Windows

iPod Access Photo v1.9.5 for Mac OS X

Movie Montage v3.3.1 for Mac OS X

Name: User
Serial: mm3fMAC001-3AH0-36BM-845M-2782-5503


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