The premier application for copying music, videos and playlists from your iPod/iPhone back to your Macintosh.
  • Universal Application (Support for Intel and PPC Macs)
  • Lion (OS X 10.7) Support
  • iPhone Support and iPod touch
  • Force iPod Manual Update Mode (iPod only)
  • Add songs, videos and podcasts directly to the iTunes Library
  • Export song listing
  • Automatic file renaming
  • Support for non-Roman characters (including Japanese)
  • Easy to use interface
  • Instant listing of all iPod songs
  • Playlist Cloning into iTunes (Single/Multiple)
  • On-The-Go Playlist Support
  • Support for iTunes Ratings, Play Count, Last Played date
  • Play music and video files directly from the iPod (iPod only)
  • Transfer ID3 tags for WAV, Video and iFM files.
  • AAC file support (including iTunes Music store songs)
  • support
  • Song Navigation by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
  • Copy songs organized by Artist/Album or Composer/Album
  • Single button sequential backups
  • Recover songs from iPods with a damaged database (iPod only)
  • Support for PC formatted Hard drives
  • Support for Multiple iPods
  • Fast and secure payment processing

New In This Version: 1) Fixed crash in registration on 10.3.9 Panther 2) Improved error handling.

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iPod Access is the leading iPod/iPhone music and video transfer application for the Mac. With iPod Access you have instant access to all the songs on your iPod and iPhone. Your songs can be be displayed and sorted in almost any fashion so you can find the songs you need right when you need them. With the new instant search feature in v4 you can find songs just as quickly as you would in iTunes. And once you have found the songs, movies and playlists that you want, iPod Access will copy them right back into iTunes or to an external drive for backup. If you need music from your iPod or iPhone back on your computer then you need iPod Access.


Version 4.4.1 is a $8.95 upgrade for all iPod Access v1.x, v2.x and v3.x users. Current v4.x users do not need a new serial number, just download and install.

New Features in v4: 1) Clone multiple playlists. 2) Select multiple artists and albums. 3) New Instant Search. 4) Force Manual Update mode. 5) Display songs not in iTunes. 6) Date Added, Date Modified, Last played and Play Count fields added. 7) Export song list as tab delimited file. 8) Enhanced iTunes integration. 9) On-The-Go playlist support 10) iPhone and iPod touch Support Download Now.

All users who purchased iPod Access v1, v2 or v3 on or after January 1st, 2007 can receive a free upgrade serial number for use with iPod Access v4. This limited time offer can ONLY be used by visiting the upgrade offer store here. Upgrades purchased can not be refunded under this offer. Please follow all directions carefully.
All users who purchased iPod Access v1, v2 or v3 before January 1st, 2007 can purchase an upgrade serial number for only $8.95 here. Use of an upgrade serial number requires a previously valid serial number.


Finally an iPod song retrieval application that does not mess up your iTunes library. Cheaper impossible , easy to install and a very friendly interface. Thank you guys keep up the good work!!!!!!!

- agente786, VersionTracker

Wow. I often worry about buying shareware software in the off chance the author decides to release fixes and changes and enhancements to their software. It is definitely not the case with iPod Access. I tried this out, along with a lot of other iPod utilities, and I was blown away. Worked as I wanted it to, yet, with much more I hadn't even expected. Great application.

-M2, MacUpdate

This is great!
I like the fact that this lists ALL the entries in the ID3 tag information.
In particular it lists the 'composer'. This is the only 'copy-
back-to-my-Mac' application, where I can easily select these songs in
order to copy them back.

-Boulez, VersionTracker

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Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, iTunes 7.3 or higher, iPod software v1.2 or higher 

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